There are games which don't exist but we feel like creating or playing...
"Let's make it then!"
The project "MONKEN" and the "Team Grand Slam" has started with this motivation.

The members of this project are Fumio Kurokawa, Kazutoshi Iida, Takayuki Nakamura and Ryuji Nouguchi.

An original concept is planned by Fumio Kurokawa who is a media contents researcher, and who has worked for music, films, visual images, game development and online game development, and "won the grand slam" in an entertainment field.

A game is planned and designed by Kazutoshi Iida, whose representative works are "Aquanaut's Holiday", "Doshin the Giant", "Discipline: the Birth of the tuning empire" and "Evangelion the movie: 3nd Impact".

Takayuki Nakamura is famous for the sound design of various games such as "Virtua Fighter" which is 3 dimensional fighting game by SEGA and which changed the world image of games, "KENGO" and "LUMINES" and also known for designing sound of "Songs of ANAGURA: Missing researchers and Remaining devices" which is the permanent exhibition of the National museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan).

Ryuji Nouguchi is known as an art director of such games as "Tulip", "Harvest Moon" and "Discipline" and he was also in charge of art direction and graphic design of "Songs of ANAGURA: Missing researchers and Remaining devices", the permanent exhibition of Miraikan.

All members are active in the front lines in a game field, however, we are proceeding this project independently, not relying on majors, but as an Indie game.




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Fumio Kurokawa, an organizer of "Kurokawa-Juku"

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